Ground or Expedited Services Around the Globe

Enjoy the same services to which you have become accustomed using your favorite carriers. For example, Overnight – Standard and Priority, 2-day, 3-day, Ground, etc.
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FREE Software and Services

We have fought hard to offer our clients competitive pricing with the major carriers so that you can enjoy our software and service at no cost and potentially up to 40% savings on your shipping needs.
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Savings up to 40%

-By taking advantage of our low contractual rates with the carriers.
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Freight Rate Comparison

-Select the optimal carrier and service for the job.
-Compare rates across your favorite carriers.
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Centralized Tracking

- Real-time tracking for all your shipments in one place.
- All tracking info (regardless of carrier) easily accessible within the software.
- One click tracking.
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Premier Customer Service

Your Account Rep is your personal liaison between you and the carriers to assist with any issues—we can get your delayed package on a plane and back on track.
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Automatic Billing and Invoice Auditing

Automatic billing is processed weekly and applied to the credit card on your account. Our automatic invoice auditing built into the software verifies each week that you are being invoiced correctly so you can ship with confidence.
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