Affiliate Program

PostalRx Affiliate Program

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Refer Companies to PostalRx.

Think about your network of friends, family, and business associates. Everyone knows companies that ship domestically and/or internationally that could benefit from our services. The fantastic part is you are not selling anything as our services are totally free.
How easy is that?


They Save up to 40% on their Shipping Expenses.

We will work with your referral to analyze their current shipping process and make appropriate recommendations to provide them the most savings possible. With our aggregate volumes, we have access to Fortune 500 rates that would otherwise be unavailable to most smaller companies. We are confident that we can help anyone who currently spends $500-$500,000 per month on parcel and freight services.


You get Paid 10% Commission.

After you refer a potential client, we handle everything, and you start earning the moment they ship their first package. Affiliates with drive and entrepreneurial spirit can build a residual income easily as you continue to earn for 12 months. There are also bonuses, vacation packages, and management possibilities for performers. There is no cap on your earning potential and we will provide leads if you are a real go-getter.

Our Affiliates are just like You

Meet Sharon B.

Is a busy full-time Mom that needed a way to generate income working flexible hours from home. Her family was missing the income she used to receive working in a medical lab, but then she realized she had contacts at that lab and a few others. She became a PostalRx affiliate, referred her friends to us, and is now earning $5000 monthly residual income.

Meet Eric C.

Is a successful businessman that interacts with companies in different industries every day. He realized how easy it is to ask a few questions about their shipping methods. He became a PostalRx Affiliate and his network of contacts are happy that he was able to turn them into a company that has made their shipping processes easier and saved them money. Eric is even happier as his commission checks are steadily increasing. Last month, he made over $15,000 and won a cruise to Cancun as well. His wife, Laurie says that, "becoming a PostalRx Affiliate was his best decision other than marrying her!"

Meet David P.

Has an online e-commerce business and became a client of PostalRx. When he realized how beneficial our services were to him, he reached out on an online forum of similar entrepreneurs and spread the word. He became a PostalRx Affiliate and started referring those interested to us. That worked so well that he decided to register his own domain and tell his story to generate more leads, which has worked very well as last month he generated over $30,000 in commission!